Suzanne DeWees, Ph.D. Thank you so much for visiting my site.

My name is Rev. Dr. Suzanne DeWees, former Pastor of Colby Memorial Temple at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. I am an ordained minister who spiritually serves and supports loving couples. I will help you design a wedding ceremony that's based on your promise to love and nurture each other. I also officiate at Commitment Ceremonies with the same focus of spiritual support.

I offer a complimentary consultation to help you decide what would make your ceremony meaningful for you.

You may choose a standard, traditional wedding ceremony or compose your own using samples that I provide, along with my help, if desired.

Whatever you envision as your dream wedding or Commitment Ceremony is what we can design, together.


In any Wedding or Commitment ceremony, you may choose:
Renewal of Vows     
Uniting Families Ceremony
Unity Candle     
Children Ceremony
Love Letters     
Native American Blessing
Rose Ceremony     
Other Faith Blessings

Click to read a wedding vow example


I serve couples of all faiths and personal beliefs throughout Central Florida. I officiate ceremonies at any location, day and time.


Please call or e-mail me with any questions or to receive additional information.

I look forward to this opportunity to serve you.

Click to read Jesse & Pam's handfasting ceremony
"When Jesse and I decided to (finally!) get married, I could think of only one person for the job: Suzanne Dewees. Jesse and I are two people who really found their soulmates and I didn't want someone to just officiate. I wanted someone genuine whose loving energy would mesh with our own and who could help us raise the energy all around us for a blessing on our wedding, family and friends. Suzanne was able to create a ceremony out of our melting pot of religions.

She is also good in a crisis! We were to have our wedding in a local public park. We had not planned an alternate site and when it started POURING rain right before our ceremony, Suzanne and my other friends made a lovely wedding altar and aisle for me to walk our carport!!!! My wedding was saved! I still have the beautiful candle she proffered as part of the altar decoration in a place of honor with my handfasting cord and dried flowers.

If you are looking for someone genuine, someone real, someone who doesn't just officiate, but actually participates and makes your wedding all the better for it, Suzanne is the person for you. Everyone noticed the love she brought to the ceremony and commented on how perfect she was for our wedding. Suzanne genuinely cares about making the ceremony yours and making it meaningful. She is a wonderful a person and you couldn't find anyone better if you want a truly sacred ceremony.

  -- Pamela Williams-Gruen


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