Oh, I so enjoyed meeting you Friday! Your warmth and kindness and wisdom are beautifully reflected in your energy, your home, and all through our session. You are truly gifted and an absolutely wonderful healer. I could have stayed on your beautiful Amethyst bio-mat listening to that magically healing music and under your healing hands for half an eternity at least. In fact, just as I'm writing to you I'm instantly reconnecting with that energy and feeling the soothing, healing vibrations emanating through me. I think I mentioned telling you that at times it felt as if there were at least twelve hands on me and that I very much felt the presence of our healers/guides/angels and ascended masters with us. If I was so "blissed" that I forgot to actually verbalize that to you, please hear/know/and accept that praise and gratitude for that blessing now...And I so enjoyed my reading with you, all the time you took, all the deep insights and messages. Namaste and blessings.

—Michele Verhoosky, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher

THANK YOU Suzanne! I appreciate the mp3 file and being able to listen to a high quality recording of our session. I did so tonight. It was more than a pleasure meeting you. I am always a little stunned when meeting a stranger (who does what you do) who seems to know about me in some informed if not almost intimate way. And with your gift present, informed by spirit and by your own insight...it causes me to feel some special connection. I will be incorporating this 'information' into my spiritual warrior's path. I hope our 'paths' will cross again.

—Joe Howden, Artist and Educator for Learning Disabled Adults
Suzanne inspires myself and others in finding balance and love in our lives. Her ever ready smile from her inner-heart blossoms whenever she connects with a person making them feel they are noticed. This caring is even more apparent when she provides Readings, as her knowledge and understanding is deeply grounded in love. Her willingness to face life without falsity and to walk true for and with Spirit is why I feel honoured and humbled in writing this testimonial for Suzanne. May Spirit forever guide Suzanne and those that enter or leave her life now and for all time.

—Graham Williamson, Psychic and Medium - United Kingdom
Yesterday I had a phone reading with you. With the sound of your voice I got to know something about you. I liked you, trusted you, felt you to be a healer and anticipated that our reading would be appropriate for me. This, within your first sentence. Your voice is very well placed. It is bright. I have thought a lot about the things we spoke about, and am grateful to you for bringing me the confirmation I needed to know that I am on the right track, for the fulfillment of my work in this lifetime. It's wonderful to have some clarity of purpose. You removed the doubts that creep in over the passage of years, and you've helped me to see the possibilities much more clearly. A great gift and a relief to know that I will someday satisfy that nagging unrest within, by helping others.

Christine Fonsale Rogerson, Musician & Singer - Pompano Beach, FL
I have known Suzanne for over twenty years as a friend, colleague and fellow traveler on the spiritual path. Even before I had met her she had committed her life to her practices of meditation and selfless service.

I first received a reading from Suzanne about fifteen years ago and one message channeled at that time is still a guiding principle for my life. In a recent reading, precise and helpful information was again provided.

The guidance that was offered was immediately helpful. She clarified the needed direction of my meditation practice and brought awareness to vocation and relationship issues. Her presence during the reading was both professional and compassionate while providing me with a direct link to the guides who were present.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Suzanne DeWees to my friends and clients.

—Menka Grace MacLeod, Spiritual Facilitator - Encinitas, California
Dr. Suzanne DeWees delivers a very appealing demeanor as a medium. Her warmth comes across to the audience, as does her concern. Suzanne's message work is accurate and professional. People do respond well to her messages.

—Rev. Elisabeth Owens, Author, S.C.S.C.M.A. Trustee
Suzanne is an exceptional resource for anyone looking for insights into their life. Her intuition and channeling abilities, combined with skills as a counselor and therapist are rare indeed. In our sessions, both in person and by telephone, she was able to help me sort out some difficult situations and get in touch with my real issues and practical ways to be with them.

—Deva Parnell, Owner and Director of Discovery Yoga, St. Augustine, FL
I have heard Suzanne give public messages many times and I love the sweetness, love and caring she always brings through to the person she is reading. Suzanne is very professional and anyone watching can see her pouring her heart into her work. It is always wonderful to see someone who enjoys their ‘job’ and strives to help people the way she does!

—Esther Seymour, Silva Method Seminars, Orlando

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