"I wanted to reach out and tell you thank you for your spiritual insight with my guides!! I am continually listening as the Universe speaks to me and guides me into alignment with my plan and purpose!! You are truly a Blessing!"
~ L. 10/4/2020

Physicists know Awareness, unlimited by distance or time, as "nonlocal mind." This fascinating phenomenon connects us to each other and to the world at large and allows us to describe, experience, and know activities occurring anywhere in space and time.

In 1984, Monseria, a teacher in the non-physical dimension, introduced me to this community of spirit or quantum interconnectedness. By working with Monseria and guides in the non-physical dimension, I have been given direct access to a wider world of consciousness.

In Monseria's words:

I introduce myself to you as Monseria. I bring the light of the galaxies to you in this simple text. Among these words, you may find intrigue in the possibility of renewed health, well-being and happiness. I have brought you teachings from the stars for eons, and bring simple guidance to you at this time. I am not of a physical body, I am a body of light.

My guidance is towards quieting the mind, deepening the breath and opening to the light of your essential self. Since all wisdom is contained within the soul, there is no further wisdom I can offer. I can provide a context in which you slow down to attune to that which is true and that which is known.


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